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Fort Ad Pays

fort ad pays

fort ad pays

What is Fort Ad Pays and how to make money online with it?

Fort Ad Pays is one of the most stable Revenue Share website operating since 11 November 2014.

As “Earn With Me” we are investigating and introducing you the most reliable websites to make money online. Of course, there are scam sites, but we are warning you about them and categorizing the websites. We can categorize Fort Ad Pays as a Mid-Risk Revenue Share website due to the huge memberbase of the site (200.000+ members) and the continuous investment and interest from their users. Also, they are paying without a problem since launch and they are arranging meetings, conferences and so on.

fort ad pays

Some details about Fort Ad Pays:

-The owner of the site is Pedro Fort. Site takes its name from the surname of the owner.

-It is possible to turn $1 into $3 in Fort Ad Pays. Shares mature at 300%. The maturity time of the shares are variable and depend on company sales.

-They have 2 months of satisfaction guarantee.

-There is a 50% repurchase rule.

-Members need to surf 8 sites daily in order to qualify for revenue sharing.

-There is no fee for depositing money into the site.

-You can change the language of the site by clicking on “English Flag”, which is at the top left corner.

fort ad pays english

You can watch a video about it here and understand the system better:

We are always depositing and testing the sites before introducing them to Earn With Me participants. We have tested the site with $100 and already started to make money online.

You can access to Fort Ad Pays Calculator here, but please do not change the algorithm of the doc, only write your adpacks:

Fort Ad Pays Income Calculator

According to the calculator, you can turn $100 into $15,000 in 1 year with 100% compounding on Fort Ad Pays. Considering that they are already paying for 1+ year, it is worth risking your money for a greater money.

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