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Continuous improvement of MUT Coins presentation

You will notice that I often use NBA 2K as a key example in this list. That's for a reason: NBA 2K is one of the best franchising models in the industry. It even has a story based GM model that draws clues from personas in all games.

The consistent key aspect of NBA 2K is the demo. Each game starts with a unique pre game performance, which is made up of staff from within the NBA and provides special variations for holidays and playoffs. Some games will invite guest commentators, such as Kevin Garnett, to talk about their careers and provide insights about the game.

Madden has made her own efforts to improve her presentation, but it's not that difficult to do so. It highlights the league's scoring in half-time, but the NBA 2K half-time is effective because it happens on the load screen, which means you won't click on it immediately (although you can still skip 75% of it). Madden has some great display elements, but they have barely changed throughout the season. NBA 2K has multiple overlay layers and promotion content in each game. EA has a small text box where journalists can ask basic questions. NBA 2K has a real press conference.

I've learned that these elements are window decorations, which need time and resources to develop. But it's one way Madden can improve its presentation without spending hundreds of hours on fancy over the court animations: when my catcher wins the game's championship miracle, thereby winning the super bowl, let announcers Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin really play a role. Small details like this will not only hurt Madden's sense of immersion, but will lack pre match performances more than ever before.

Madden's franchise model needs to understand the details correctly

When it comes to details, when it comes to accurately presenting the reality of NFL team operations, Madden is still far ahead. Special teams are almost limited to playing and kicking, so you can't start training the next Adam tillen by using them as trumps for special teams. There is no compensatory option. Free agent without restrictions.

These details don't matter, just because every year a group of hardcore franchisees complain about them. When you ignore such basic elements, immersion is affected. Casual fans may not care about these two ways, but stubborn fans will complain loudly and deepen their views on the mode for everyone else. The diehards must be complaining.

A few words about the franchise model of Madden 20 Coins

Madden 20's franchise model clearly tends to attract a lot of fans. I actually spent only 2500 words on how to do better. But some things are right, and they should be emphasized.

Madden 20 is one of the only remaining motion simulation games in the full-featured online franchise model. In just a few weeks, I will be reunited with a group of old friends and start a complete 32 team league. In sports simulation games, only NBA 2K can provide similar functions.

It's still good to buy mut coins. It solved the problem of 45 minutes of regular competition, which almost single handedly made me more interested in participating in multiple seasons. This is a good addition.

It can get some details right, including playing the Super Bowl champion on Thursday night and rotating the right super bowl through the right stadium. Now there are the London Olympics and the professional bowl. I know it's a very low threshold, but as I said, these details are important.

The scene engine is limited, but I can have clearer mut coins goals in various games. This is a good first step towards a bigger goal. I like that it will be dynamically upgraded in a year.

This year, progress seems to be more balanced. It seems to be much more difficult for a dynasty with a Super Bowl champion to earn millions of dollars. It's not as boring as it was a few years ago, when you had to sit down and pour hundreds of points into a single statistic to create an unbalanced monster at each location.

At present, the franchise model of Madden 20 is feasible. EA seems to think it's good, which may be an important reason why it chooses to invest resources elsewhere. Whether it's reasonable or not, developers don't seem to think that investing in franchising is going to help expand their players.

But Madden's franchise model has become a pain point with the passage of time, especially with the rise of NBA 2K, MLB the show and even NHL. Even with a relatively low standard of sports simulation franchising model, the "high speed 20" also lags behind its competitors. It's time for EA to invest the resources needed to close the gap.

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