New moon discovered around dwarf planet Makemake

Orbiting a tiny planet at the far reaches of our solar system is an even tinier, pitch-black moon, NASA’s Hubble telescope has revealed.

The moon — nicknamed MK2 — orbits Makemake, the second brightest icy dwarf planet, after Pluto, in the Kuiper belt, the huge mass of comets, frozen rocks and other objects orbiting the sun beyond Neptune.
It was discovered by scientists at the Space Telescope Science Institute and the Southwest Research Institute, using the Hubble space telescope.
Makemake, named for the creation deity of the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island, has a diameter of 870 miles, around a 10th of the size of Earth and two-thirds that of Pluto. MK2 is smaller still, with a diameter of just 100 miles.

Pluto killers

The discovery of Makemake, along with fellow dwarf planets Ceres, Eris and Haumea, was the primary reason for the reclassification of Pluto in 2006 as a dwarf planet.
Finding a moon orbiting Makemake only reinforces the unfortunate fact for Pluto lovers that the one-time ninth planet is not as special as once thought.
“This new discovery opens a new chapter in comparative planetology in the outer solar system,” Marc Buie of the Southwest Research Institute said in a statement.

Moon over Makemake

As scientists observe the moon and its orbit more closely, they hope to gain insight into its origin.
A tight circular orbit would indicate that it was most likely formed as a result of a collision between Makemake and another Kuiper belt object, whereas a wider, elongated orbit would suggest the moon is in a captured orbit, sucked into orbit around the dwarf planet.
“Either event would have likely occurred several billion years ago, when the solar system was young,” the Hubble team said.

New planet?

The discovery of Makemake’s moon isn’t the only recent expansion of our solar system’s known objects.
In January, scientists said they had found evidence of a theorized ninth planet orbiting the sun at a distance of more than 65 billion miles.
While the planet has yet to be observed, scientists estimate it would have a mass about 10 times that of Earth, and would take up to 20,000 years to complete an orbit around our star.

Half of the Great Barrier Reef Is Dead or Dying, and 93% Is Bleached, Study Finds

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most remarkable natural wonders.

With the impressive overall length of 1,430 miles, it is not only the most extensive coral reef ecosystem but also the largest living structure on the planet. Unfortunately, this natural masterpiece may soon disappear as the findings of a recent study suggest that the reef is on the brink of extinction.

A report from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies reveals a terrifying fact that 50% of corals in the Great Barrier Reef have already died or are dying while 93% are suffering from bleaching.

How does coral bleaching occur?

Affected by increased sea temperatures and extreme weather conditions, corals expel the microalgae that live inside them. In fact, these microalgae are what gives the corals such vivid colors, so when they are expelled, the corals turn white. This is what is called bleaching.

In this state, the marine organisms are at the risk of dying but at the same time, have a chance to recover if the environmental conditions stabilize soon enough. However, when the stressing factor persists for too long and the consequences of bleaching are not reversed quickly, the corals become victims of opportunistic species that exploit them to form their own ecosystems.

The scale of the problem

Scientists say that this is the most severe coral bleaching event ever recorded.

As Prof. Terry Hughes, convener of the National Coral Bleaching Taskforce, said in a press release, “We’ve never seen anything like this scale of bleaching before. In the northern Great Barrier Reef, it’s like 10 cyclones have come ashore all at once. Our estimate at the moment is that close to 50 percent of the coral is already dead or dying.”

According to the results of aerial surveys that were focused on 911 individual reefs out of the total 3,000,only 68, or 7%, were not affected by bleaching. At the same time, from 60 to 100% of corals suffer from a severe bleaching on 316 reefs.

This has been the saddest research trip of my life,” said Prof. Hughes. “Almost without exception, every reef we flew across showed consistently high levels of bleaching, from the reef slope right up onto the top of the reef. We flew for 4000km in the most pristine parts of the Great Barrier Reef and saw only four reefs that had no bleaching.”

While winter in the southern hemisphere is expected to bring some relief, it is unlikely that it will have a significant effect on the state of the reefs. The only thing that can save the corals is an action from our side. Scientists say that reducing pollution, sedimentation and unsustainable fishing practices in local communities can partly reverse the detrimental changes in the Great Barrier Reef.

However, the problem is bigger than that and can’t be solved on the local level. CO2 emissions and other consequences of human activity are the cause of this and many other devastating phenomena that plague the natural environment of our planet. Unless we do something about it soon, we will see more and more living creatures suffer and die.

The Federal Reserve is a Ponzi Scheme

Most Americans are proud to be American and consider the United States to be the greatest nation in all of history, and there are many things we can point to which substantiates this belief. However, everything in life is transitory and when all is said and done, history will judge that instead of America being something special to be admired, Americans were suckers who fell hook line and sinker for the worst Ponzi Scheme the world has ever seen: the Federal Reserve Bank, more commonly known as the Fed.

The original Ponzi scheme was a swindle which was conceived and run by an Italian immigrant named Charles Ponzi, who defrauded his investors out of millions of dollars during the 1920’s. The con, like most cons, is deceptively simple. Its perpetrator convinces his clients that he is a skillful investor or entrepreneur who will make them more money than they could possibly make investing elsewhere. Once people (suckers) are hooked and give their money to the perpetrator, instead of earning a return on their investment, they are paid what they believe are earnings from money that is conned from newer investors in the same scheme. The scheme functions smoothly for a while, but an increasing number of new investors are required to pay off the older investors and keep them at bay. Of course, in the long run, this is an impossible situation and eventually, the scheme collapses with those still in the game losing everything they invested.

Understanding the above, upon examination it becomes clear that the Federal Reserve Bank has many of the same characteristics as a Ponzi scheme.


First of all, like a Ponzi scheme, it began with a lie concocted solely to suck in its intended victims — the promise to regulate the US economy such that economic booms and busts would be eliminated. In truth the opposite has been the case since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. In fact, the Fed actually played a role in bringing about the Depression of 1929 and the deep recession which presently grips the nation.

Secondly, similar to a Ponzi scheme, the Fed takes our money and gives us nothing in return. The money we give to the Fed is not earned for any service it provides, nor is there any reasonable justification for us to give it them. This is how the scheme came about:

“The goldsmiths were our first bankers. Goldsmiths worked with precious metals and… it was only natural for people to take their excess coins to the goldsmith for safe keeping. Upon so doing, the goldsmith would give them a written receipt for the amount of coins being stored. Soon people realized that instead of trading coins for the things they needed, they could trade the receipts instead. Thus paper currency was born…

“This rudimentary monetary system worked well in small agrarian economies, but as villages turned into towns and towns into cities, a need to borrow money developed and who was better positioned to loan money than the goldsmith. Not only did he have his own money, but he also held other people’s money which was sitting in his coffers doing nothing…

“It was a rare occurrence when someone retrieved all the coins they deposited… Therefore, if [the goldsmith] issued demand notes for more coins than he had, the chances are that he would always have sufficient money on hand to cover the notes which were redeemed by one or even several depositors… So our enterprising goldsmith went out on the limb and adopted this practice. Upon so doing, fractional banking was born. [source]

Finally, similar to a Ponzi scheme, the eventual collapse of our economy is inevitable and when it does, the people of this nation will lose, not just their investments, but everything. Presently, we are experiencing the beginnings of this collapse and despite what Washington and the media tell us about a recovery, none will ever come unless we get out from under the Fed and its whirlpool of debt and inflation.


While the similarities between a Ponzi scheme and the Fed are such that it falls into the same category of crime, the truth of the matter is that the Fed is far more criminal and diabolical than a simple Ponzi scheme could ever be.

First of all, the victims of a Ponzi scheme are motivated by greed and make a deliberate choice to be a part of the scam. Instead, the Fed has victimized all citizens of this nation (and other Federal Reserve nations) and no one has been given any choice in the matter, because a gullible Congress decided the matter for us.

Furthermore, in a Ponzi scheme, victims lose their investments but are left with the money they did not invest, and this still has value. The Fed, however, keeps the money we give it, but because fiat money is a key element of the scam, it is continually being printed. As a result, the money we keep and save for ourselves loses value (to inflation) over time and will eventually be worth nothing. Thus, under the Fed, not only do we lose the money we give it, we eventually lose all the money we have. For example, the Federal Reserve Notes we have in our pocket today are worth 96% less in real value than those we had in 1913 when the Fed first came to power. If you had one-million dollars then, it is only worth forty-thousand dollars now. If, our government managed our economy instead of the Fed, not only would we be able to avoid the curse of inflation, but the income taxes we pay would be unnecessary.

The Federal Reserve Bank truly is a den of thieves and con artists who have stolen the wealth and prosperity of an entire nation. Our problem today is that their nefarious and diabolical scheme was legitimized by Congress in 1913 by passage of the Federal Reserve Act. This abominable act was a product of subterfuge and deception and every Congressman who voted for it did so in clear and flagrant violation of their oath of office.

The time has come for Congress to make amends for the crime it committed against the people of America, and this can only be accomplished by repealing the Federal Reserve Act and returning the power to create money to Congress, where it rightfully belongs. Furthermore, those presently participating in this diabolical scheme should be brought to justice and all debts (stolen money) owed these criminals should be declared null and void. Finally, the assets they obtained with our money should be confiscated. Only by taking these actions will America be able to avoid the horrible fate the Fed and their stooges in Congress have bestowed upon the American people.

The-Federal-Reserve-is-a-Ponzi-Scheme--330x206But don’t hold your breath while waiting for any of the above to happen on its own. The huge amount of money the Fed has stolen has made these criminals rich beyond anyone’s ability to comprehend, and they use this money to corrupt whatever they touch. These ill gotten gains have enabled them to keep those we elect to office squarely under their thumbs.

An exception to this state of affairs was President John F. Kennedy who worked to reign in the Fed while he was in office. In June of 1963, President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110, which authorized the United States Treasury to print Treasury notes in lieu of Federal Reserve notes thus returning the power to create to Congress as required by the United States Constitution. Unfortunately for America and its people, President Kennedy was murdered in November 1963. Immediately after the President’s assassination, the money issued in keeping with his still-standing Executive Order, was removed from circulation never to be seen again. (For more on this, please see:The Who, How and Why of the JFK Assassination – and Why It Still Matters.)

There is another aspect to our present situation which also costs Americans dearly; The Fed has created an atmosphere of corruption throughout the nation which pervades all our most powerful institutions. The result of this is that men of integrity, who will not compromise themselves, never advance in the hierarchy of our governing institutions. The primary attribute looked for in those being considered for advancement is loyalty to the boss beyond all other considerations, including legalities and the public’s best interest. The higher one goes up the ladder in the public service, the truer this becomes. Our government is led by a criminal enterprise and because of this, it has become a criminal enterprise. Far too many government officials obtain wealth and position through illegal and dishonorable means. Those who are honest and aware of what is going on, look the other way because they know that doing otherwise will be the kiss of death to their careers. The inevitable result of this dismal organizational environment is that our government does almost nothing right anymore, no matter what resources are available. We only have to look to our war on terror, our war on drugs, how we protect our borders, military procurement, and how government contracts are issued and managed to understand the truth in this.

The Fed has turned our government into an ineffectual criminal nightmare and the cost we pay for this is huge. It’s time to repeal the Federal Reserve Act.

By: Alan R. Adaschik

Guest Writer for Wake Up World


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RevShare Explication (FR)

Explication de ce qu’est un Revshare

Plan :

De quelles façons fonctionne un site à revenus partagés ?

Différentes stratégie à adopter.

Le parrainage.

Pourquoi commencer dès maintenant à utiliser les Revshares ?


De quelles façons fonctionne un site à revenus partagés ?


Le fonctionnement est très simple, et quasi identique pour tous ces sites.
Il s’agit d’investir une somme d’argent (celle de votre choix), en achetant ce que l’on appelle des « PACKS », avec un RIO (= intérêts) généralement comprit entre 120% et 220% (pour les plus élevés).

Mais alors, « qu’est-ce qu’un pack ? » me direz-vous.

Les packs servent à financer les campagnes marketing des partenaires commerciaux de ces sites à revenus partagés.

Le fait d’acheter des packs, va permettre à ces partenaires, de promouvoir leurs produits/services, et donc réaliser des ventes. En contrepartie,  ces derniers vont donner un pourcentage de leurs ventes, aux sites à revenus partagés.

Ce pourcentage des bénéfices est ensuite redistribué à tous les membres ayant achetés des packs, (en moyenne toutes les heures pour la plupart des sites). Vous accumulerez ces gains, jusqu’à atteindre le RIO de vos packs.

Exemple :

Avec un pack à 5$ et son RIO de 150%, vous toucherez toutes les heures des gains, jusqu’à atteindre 150% de votre investissement, donc 7.5$ dans ce cas.

Selon le rendement journalier du site utilisé, il faut compter plus ou moins 30 jours (ceci est une moyenne théorique à titre informatif) pour atteindre ce RIO. Ce qui fait un rendement journalier, compris entre 3 et 7%. Vos packs mettront donc environs 30 jours, à atteindre 7.5$ chacun.

Une fois votre RIO atteint, vous pourrez alors retirer vos gains via les différents processeurs accessibles.

En générale : Paypal, Payeer, Perfect Money, Payza, OkPay, Solid Trust Pay et BitCoins. (Selon les sites utilisés, certain de ces processeurs seront absents).

Vous comprenez donc, que le taux journalier de rémunération varie chaque jour, il dépend des bénéfices de vente des partenaires.

Plus il y a d’investisseur comme vous et moi, pour financer les démarches marketing des partenaires, plus le rendement sera élevé (il y a bien sûr un plafond, selon les termes conclus entre le site et ses partenaires).

Info : Il faut bien comprendre qu’il n’y a pas de techniques qui permettent de savoir combien de temps le site à revenus partagés utilisé, va durer dans le temps. En effet, ce sont des sites où plus il y a de membres, plus ils fonctionnent. Mais si un jour, un site proposant de meilleurs revenus sort, le risque est que beaucoup de gens abandonne celui en cours pour se jeter sur le nouveau venu. Il y a bien-sûr des signes pré-indicateurs de la « chute » du site, tels que : le nombre d’inscriptions qui chute, de moins en moins de paiement,… ce qui permet de pouvoir retirer son argent avant sa fermeture. Le site ne tombe pas du jour au lendemain. Mais c’est un risque qu’il faut accepter, le site peut durer 4 mois, comme 6 mois, comme 1 an ou 5 ans. C’est pourquoi il est recommandé de « jouer sur plusieurs tables ». D’où le fait que je vous propose plusieurs sites. À savoir que ceux que je vous propose, font partis des plus fiables, et ont une durée de vie suffisamment longue pour y faire d’excellents bénéfices. Je ne vous enverrais jamais vers l’inconnu, sans m’y être moi-même investis.

Différentes stratégies à adopter :

Maintenant que vous avez compris le principe de fonctionnement des revshares, nous allons voir ensemble, qu’il y a plusieurs stratégies à adopter, afin de tirer un maximum de profit en peu de temps, qu’importe l’investissement de base.

Comme nous l’avons vu précédemment, vos packs « travaillent » tous les jours, ce qui vous rapporte des gains tout au long de la journée. C’est gains, sont divisés en deux catégories lorsqu’ils vous sont envoyés sur votre DASHBOARD (tableau de bord de votre compte). Une part ira dans votre Main balance, c’est l’argent que vous pouvez retirer à tout moment, et l’autre part ira dans votre Re-purchase balance, cela servira à racheter des packs. Le partage est généralement 70% (dans la MB) / 30% (dans le RB). Sur chaque revshare, vous aurez accès à un outil, qui permettra de balancer vos gains de Main Balance, vers votre Re-Purchase Balance.


Je vais maintenant vous présenter les deux stratégies utilisables selon vos envies :

1) Vous achetez vos packs, attendez qu’ils atteignent leur RIO, et vous retirez vos bénéfices.  C’est la technique de base.

Avantage : Technique la plus sûre par rapport aux durées de vie des sites.

Inconvénient : Les bénéfices seront faibles.

Durée : Moins d’un mois.


2) Vous achetez vos packs. Tous les jours, vous allez faire un petit tour de 5 minutes sur le site, afin de racheter un pack dès que possible, grâce aux intérêts journaliers. Comme ça, de plus en plus de packs génèrent des bénéfices. Faites cela pendant 4 à 5 semaines, puis arrêtez d’en racheter, laissez vos packs finir leur cycle en atteignant leur RIO, et retirer vos gains sur votre processeur.

Avantage : Vous gagnerez 8 à 10 fois la somme investie initialement.

Inconvénient : La stratégie étant un peu plus longue à opérer, il y a un faible risque en fonction de la durée de vie du site.

Durée : Environs 2 mois


Le parrainage :

La plupart des gens sont réticents à l’idée de devoir obligatoirement parrainer du monde pour gagner de l’argent. Le gros avantage avec les Revshares, c’est qu’il n’est absolument pas obligatoire du tout de parrainer afin de gagner des gains. En effet, le parrainage est un outil non négligeable si l’on souhaite gagner très vite, car la plupart des sites offrent environs 10% de commission sur l’achat des packs de vos filleuls. Vous vous doutez, que lorsqu’on commence à accumuler plusieurs filleuls, les gains montent très rapidement, et on dépasse vite notre investissement juste avec les commissions de parrainage.

Mais ce n’est absolument pas obligatoire. Beaucoup sont sur les revshares sans parrainer quiconque. Cela ne vous empêchera en rien de cumuler des gains.

Si vous souhaitez parrainer quelqu’un, il vous suffit pour ça, de récupérer votre lien de parrainage sur le site (généralement accessible dans l’onglet Referrals) qui ressemblera à :


En cliquant sur ce lien, votre futur filleul, accédera à la page d’inscription, où se trouvera votre pseudo dans la case correspondant au parrain.


Pourquoi commencer dès maintenant à utiliser les Revshares ?

Nous sommes en 2015, internet est dans quasi tous les foyers et offre des opportunités incroyables. Avec une de ces opportunités incroyable qu’est le REVSHARE, nous avons la possibilité de gagner des sommes d’argent conséquentes, avec des investissements de notre choix. Ce sont des programmes géniaux, où l’on peut commencer avec 50$ la première fois, et gagner des milliers au bout de plusieurs mois/ans. Bien-sûrs, plus nous investissons, plus il y a de gains. Mais nous pouvons opérer de la manière que nous voulons. La personne pas pressée, peut très bien commencer avec une petite somme, et réinvestir ses gains tout au long de l’année, jusqu’à gagner des sommes énormes, et la personne pressée, peut investir gros et gagner beaucoup plus gros rapidement. Chacun est libre de faire ce qu’il souhaite, sans contrainte. De plus en plus de gens acquiert leur indépendance financière grâce aux programmes que je vous proposerais.

Je vous souhaite de trouver les programmes qui vous correspondront, et que le bonheur et l’argent frappent continuellement à votre porte.

How to make Mountain Dew

Today I show you how to make your very own homemade Mountain Dew! Mountain Dew is one of the world’s most popular soft drinks, which is why it made sense to reveal this top secret soft drink recipe to the world. This Mountain Dew formula produces a soft drink that is identical in taste & texture to the original available in stores. If you make this at home you will be saving yourself over 50%, which is far better than buying that rubbish overpriced pre-made Mountain Dew in stores. Enjoy!

The following types of Mountain Dew can be created by following this recipe:
Caffeine-Free Diet
Code Red
Diet Code Red
Baja Blast
White Out
Game Fuel Cherry-Citrus
Passionfruit Frenzy
Glow in the dark


mountain dew play

Credits: H.T.B.