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20 Chilling Photos that will Force You to Look at the Darker Side of Our Society

Igor Morski, a Polish graphic designer, illustrator and set designer, is a well-known artist for exploring the not so subtle horrors of modern society through his controversial illustrations. In the below thought-provoking photo series System Failure, he makes you think: Is the earth a scary place, or have we become too dangerous for the planet? Is the technology bringing us closer or have we become too ‘smart’; addictive and therefore distinct from each other? Are we actually living our dreams, or are we killing ourselves trying to meet other people’s expectations? Are we succumbing to outer beauty and fads than our inner calling and beliefs? Are we emotionally connected, or are today’s relationships a lie? Are we being humans, or busy being demons…?

Bored Panda observes:

“They might make you uncomfortable, or create that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach, but I would argue that this is probably a good thing, that it suggests the images resonate on a deeper level. Art is supposed to evoke something within us. Morski’s creative expression outlines concepts and ideas in our modern society that perhaps we are not privy to because we’re just ‘so in it’.”

The beauty of these photos is that they are open for interpretation. You can interpret them the way you want, and they will reflect your truth. Here’s our interpretation…


Human body or a junkyard?


What you are addicted to, kills you in the end.


When the society decides what SHOULD you be when you grow up… and imprisons your body, mind and soul


Being a girl in a boy’s world


Puppets of our own choices


We are the environment: we can either preserve it or destroy it… the power is within us


The concrete jungle we call our home: unattractive, harsh, grey and unsafe.


Prisoner of our thoughts


When emotions die and technology takes over


We have far too much control over the world – and we don’t quite know what to do with it.


It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, world… and it needs to cool down


How technology permeates, and invades…


Becoming one with nature


Women are not equal to men; they are superior. But does it count?


We are made of earth. When we die we will return to the earth. But, in the meantime, life is a beautiful dance.


Time moves faster… we can’t outdo it


An incredibly confused brain… working 24/7, yet going nowhere


Throwing her days away thinking one day she will throw her weight away… [ Currently, 80% of women in the US are dissatisfied with their appearance].


Who is burning who?


When families fake and break…children suffer

Credits: anonhq.com